How to nail your wedding trousseau

By Hand On The Hip - 2/19/2018

Since this was a highly requested post, I thought this should go up before everything else that's been lined up does. And while my memory from my wedding month is fresh, I should talk about things that a bride-to-be needs to be prepared for. 

Hey everyone!

As the very infamous Murphy's law states, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong", I kinda do agree with this statement every time I have something big coming up. For me, in the recent past, my wedding was a really important occasion. I am usually carefree, I sleep a lot, I am lazy, but I was alert and worked quite hard to make everyone happy on my big day or probably months before.

While most men attend weddings for the food, all the neighborhood aunties and some jealous relatives usually make an appearance to see, feel and inspect what the bride is wearing, criticize it to their heart's content and feel good about it. Although I have a loving family and amazing friends, I did not want anyone to upset me by saying anything negative about my wedding trousseau. But as expected, some small little things here and there did tend to go off track. I am glad that nothing else did :D So here I have made a list of everything that went wrong and how I fixed it/could have planned things better!

Beauty parlor goof up

We already know about how my tailor messed up my blouses and how I had to rush to another tailor and get most of my blouses fixed and restitched, but little did I know that Lakme Salon in M.G.Road, Mangalore would have such a terrible appointment booking system. For more than one function they either got the time wrong or made me wait too long and screwed up at the last minute. How does one fix this? Don't panic!
  • Always have a backup beautician ready (preferably a good one who lives close by). The one I went to for blow drying my hair did solve my problem, but it was absolutely useless as my hair was back to normal in 10 minutes!
  • Learn how to do your own make-up and hair or find someone in the family who can! Thanks to all the experimenting I've been doing off late, I took care of my sangeet and cocktail party make-up on my own. I think I did a pretty decent job.
  • Ensure that you have a buffer of at least 30 minutes to 1 hour!

Clothes gone cray

You must be wondering what could have possibly gone wrong with my outfits. Well, on the day of my cocktail party, the person who was appointed to drape my saree did not know how to handle a silk saree, we were out of safety pins and we were terribly late! The worst part was, the gown I was meant to change into later suddenly went missing! What did I do?
  • The saving grace was the saree itself! It was so gorgeous that no matter how poorly it was draped, it still looked classy. Also, after a while I got some help from the crowd for saree draping as well as extra pins. Identify a person in your family who's a master at saree draping and take their help.
  • Always have a lot of back-up clothes! I had some extra gowns and the one I wore, less bridal than the one I was supposed to wear, actually worked to my advantage as it was more flowy and easier to manage.

Footwear fiasco

I wore a basic pair of wedges for all my functions. Although it was a bit repetitive, it was useful. But this one day I decided to wear a pair of new footwear and that was a bad idea. 
  • Back-up footwear again solves the problem here! Always carry a pair that you know you'll always be comfy wearing.
  • Spend a lot of time sitting on the throne and pretend to be a shy bride :D My hubby was too kind to be true and he saw me in pain and rescued me!
  • Don't try to experiment on your wedding day! If you've never worn heels before, your wedding day is not the time for you to try new stunts. 

Jewelry disaster

My mother-in-law had picked up some gorgeous jhumkas for me, but unfortunately since my ears are super sensitive and the holes are too small, the screw wouldn't go in. Although I was terribly disappointed, I was glad that I had some extra ear-rings that I could wear with my outfit.
  • Gold can always be a troublemaker if you are not used to wearing heavy jewelry. Ensure that you have matching fake jewelry for all your outfits that's easy to wear.
  • Try to accessorize heavily in other places like your neck or hands if you want to keep it light at your problem areas.

Things you need to carry at all times

  1. LOADS of safety pins!
  2. A make-up kit with everything you need (blog post getting ready :p)
  3. A hair straightener if you need one
  4. Your back-up clothes and footwear
  5. Lots of fake, easy-to-handle jewelry for all occasions
  6. Gold and silver nail paint
  7. Bindis of all colors, shapes and sizes
  8. A bottle of glucose, some biscuits and chocolates
  9. A first-aid kit with band-aids, cotton pieces etc. 
  10. Extra casual clothes you can wear between functions while relaxing

Weddings can be hectic, especially if they're your own. My wedding was almost a week's affair. Standing and greeting people with a smile on your face for hours together can be a little tricky. To top it off, if you don't feel confident enough in your attire, it can just add to the stress. Obviously, if you don't care about trivial things like these, you're lucky. The crazy person in me had to make sure that everything was perfect. But keeping all this aside, the one thing that absolutely helped me get through the madness was having an amazing person by my side at all times. He was my calm in chaos! I hope he will always be that for me.

Hand On The Hip

P.S. I know a lot of you are waiting to see more pics, but for that you'll have to wait a little longer :p

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