All smiles and twirls!

By Hand On The Hip - 8/30/2016

Hey there!

What's the best part about Monday? (Yeah, I said best and Monday in the same sentence :p) Hand On The Hip's new post! :D Yay! I am going to try my best to keep you entertained on Mondays! So today, I am going to talk about these amazing photographers who run the show at KSlenscapes.

They're a team of two and have a fabulous collection of pictures they have shot, from portraits to landscapes, wildlife photography to nature photography and of course, fashion photography! :D I had an amazing time shooting with them and they are a friendly bunch who try to make you smile. Do make sure you check their page out!

I got this super pretty polka dotted dress from LibeRent and I was so excited to shoot in this that this shoot was all about twirling, dancing and smiling! I hope the happiness catches on to you :)

Flaunting this gorgeous polka dotted dress!
Celebrating India!
Smile tutorials 1.0
Life is a gift. Treasure it.
Capturing every moment of happiness in one shot!
She believed that she could and she did.
Stand straight. Stand tall.
Good hair day?
A smile can take you places!
Twirling like it's nobody's business!
Welcome to the world of happiness!
You are your own boss!
I love my India!

Hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

Hand On The Hip

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