The Red Wall Diaries

By Hand On The Hip - 8/24/2016

Hello peeps!

As the week progresses, it gets me more and more excited because we are getting closer to the weekend! :D But how do you ensure that you don't compromise on your style and have fun even during the week? The key is to keep it simple yet stylish!

Office wear can be pretty boring! But if you experiment the right way, you can make magic with anything! You can take all those basic shirts, tops from your wardrobe and add a hint of color to it to make it look less boring. If you do not want to stick to boot-cut formal trousers, you can always pick up a pair of treggings or a pencil skirt.

I wore this casual top with treggings from Rig and to add some color, I draped a soft, floral scarf I picked up from Sri Lanka.

Photo credits: Pratik Singh

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!
Dance 2 Life!
Dance the night away!
Window of opportunities?
Have less, do more, be more.
Searching for inner peace
Do it with passion, or not at all.
If it's meant to be, it will be.
Picture perfect!
The dream team!

The red wall was a blessing in disguise for this shoot. We had a tonne of fun shooting there!

Hand On The Hip

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