The power of talcum powder

By Hand On The Hip - 8/16/2016

Hey there!

Hope you celebrated Indian Independence with pride and joy. I enjoyed my time with my family and it gets really tiring to get back to routine after a long weekend. I am struggling to get all the grease off my hair at the moment while I have fifteen minutes to rush to an early morning meeting!

Well, today I am going to show you how talcum powder can be a life saver in ways more than one! Make sure you always carry one in your purse!

Spray it all, spray it right!

So here are some talcum powder hacks that every girl should know -

A good oil/sweat absorbent
If you have extremely oily skin like I do, then dab some talcum powder on your face before and after you do any kind of make-up or even if you don't want to wear any make-up. The oil gets absorbed and your skin becomes less susceptible to acne.

A good substitute for compact
If you are not a big fan of compact powder, you can always use some talc and it makes your skin look fairer and using a foundation or moisturizer underneath makes the talcum powder stay on your face much longer.

A good substitute for hair dryer
If your hair is extremely oily but you don't have time to wash it, then just dab some talcum powder all over your hair and it makes your hair moisture free.

A deo in disguise
If you are out of deo or spray and badly need something for your underarms, there you go! A nice smelling, floral talcum powder will do it for you!

Confused about what brand of powder to use? There are these three products that I absolutely love -

The classic Johnson's baby powder - you can never not own this product!

The super floral Yardley - It's smooth and smells amazing!

The soft and sleek Floreal - This is my most favorite product and cannot get enough of it!

Hand On The Hip

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