The must-haves for a trip to Goa!

By Hand On The Hip - 8/22/2016

Hey sweeties!

Goa is literally my favorite holiday and party destination in India. I feel like it's a ritual to visit Goa at least a couple of times a year. What I like best about Goa is the carefree chalta hai attitude and the fact that we can party all night! Be it summer or winter, Goa is always fun! Today I am planning to give you a complete checklist on what you need to carry to Goa when you're vacay-ing with your ladies!

Pick up a funky backpack from a store nearby!
You definitely need a nice, colorful bag for this trip. I am a big fan of printed backpacks. I picked this up from Brigade Road for hardly 700 bucks. You can get yours too!

You don't wanna come back three shades darker!
Obviously, the first thing you need to carry in your backpack is your sunscreen lotion! I don't think the brand matters since they all serve the same purpose. Make sure you wear sunscreen day in and day out during your trip!

Overload your make-up bag with some colors!
You might need some light make-up during the day, because the sun is going to wash it away anyway. Stick to nude shades for the lips and eyes and don't use too much liquidy stuff during the day. But you can go loud at night! Spice up your look with some bright red or neon lipstick and some glitter too!

Shorts, minis and everything short!
Well, it's Goa! You need to be prepared for the heat! Prints are very in this season. Get them prints, florals out of your closet and flaunt them with style in Goa. If you got them bikinis on, even better! You can check out some of the outfits I wore for my recent trip.

Big sunglasses hide all sins!
Of course, you need sunnies! You need them to hide from the sun. You need them to hide droopy eyes from last night's party. You need them in the shower. You need them at the beach. You cannot go to Goa without a nice, funky pair of coolers!

Make your toes feel like they're on vacation!
So flip-flops are essential! You gotta be comfy walking around when there's sand everywhere. You can get creative. You can finally use your super-floral flip-flops and not be judged!

The party don't start till I walk in!
You want to make heads turn, don't you? Then get your groove on in those flashy party clothes. It's time to pack all those clothes you've always wanted to wear, but never had the chance to. Here's a bunch of clothes I wore during the night.

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!
Accessories are the key elements of a perfect outfit. When in Goa, experiment! Wear those funky hairbands or those glow-in-the-dark bands or the floral head accessories. Here's your chance to get creative.

Make memories!
Any vacation is incomplete without a camera! Do make sure you take a lot of pictures so that you can remember how much fun you had!

That's all, folks! Hope you get a chance to plan a trip to Goa real sooon!

Hand On The Hip

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