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By Hand On The Hip - 8/18/2016

Hello boys and girls!

As promised last week, here I am, explaining to you guys what frames to get and what not to get! Choosing a good frame becomes tricky when you have so many options these days. And if you end up with the wrong frames, your entire personality could go for a toss. I have bought a gazillion frames of different shapes, sizes and brands, contact lenses of different colors and I cannot tell you how important it is to get the right pair of glasses.

Spectacles from Vision Express
To begin with, I will tell you what frames suit what kinds of face-cuts and what frames are an absolute no-no!

Round faced
If you are round faced, you better avoid round frames. You do not want three big circles on your face! Get wayfarers or smaller rectangular frames.

Square faced
You can try round frames if you have a square face. Do not wear huge square or rectangular frames.

Oval faced
You do not want your face to look thinner than it already is. Try out cat-eye or any frame that has round edges. Go for big frames.

Some of the key things you need to know while buying frames -
1. Make sure the frame is of the right size, you don't want them being too loose or too tight.
2. Make sure the quality of the frame is really good, otherwise they might leave marks on your face.
3. Get the right colored frame, try avoiding colors that are too loud or bright.

I buy most of my eye-wear from Vision Express. What I like about them, is their service, the quality of products and how they are quick and always on time. I tried these three frames on. Do let me know which one you think looks best on me :)

The scholar
The geek
The party animal

Hope this post was useful and informative.

Hand On The Hip

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