That everyday maxi!

By Hand On The Hip - 8/27/2016

Hellllllo divas!

How awesome would it be to wear something comfortable and still look fabulous? When the sun's scorching rays are all over the place and you need something summery, but you don't wanna shave your legs! What do you do then? Maxis to the rescue!

I simply love this one from Heidi Klum and the leopard print makes it all the more interesting! The texture of this dress is super soft and insanely comfy! I could go clubbing in this, chill at the beach in this, wear this to work or even sleep in this!

Photo credits - Anis Sharma

Sitting pretty!
Breezy cheesy!
Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody!
Pride always has a fall.
Sleep less, dream more.
Work hard, have fun and make history.
Be the best version of yourself!
Work hard, play hard.
When nothing goes right, go left!
Stop wishing. Start doing.
Hand On The Hip

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