The differences between a fashion blogger, a fashion designer and a fashion model

By Hand On The Hip - 8/04/2016

A big hello to my fellow fashionistas!
As you all know, it's been only a couple of days since I went live with Hand On The Hip. Thanks to your love and support, I have received really good response so far. However, the one question that most people ask me is, "Are you a model now?" and that I thought, is something I want to talk about here. Most people are completely new to the concept of fashion blogging. A few years ago, there were hardly anyone blogging about how they'd style a dress or even have the confidence to wear something differently. But with growing technology and broader mindsets, people are open to experimenting with their looks. So what is the key difference between a blogger, a designer and a model?

Put together this Venn Diagram :D

To begin with, a model just models whatever clothes, make-up, products he/she is asked to showcase. She doesn't have to do any kind of marketing for the clothes or accessories she's wearing. She just has to wear them and look good wearing them. A designer is someone who makes these clothes that the models wear and endorse. A designer does not have to pose in front of the camera. Her job is to make the clothes. A blogger, on the other hand, needs to write/blog about the clothes she's wearing, style it in different ways that will look good on anyone, talk about personal style and promote the brand she's wearing. She can model herself or get people to model for her. Can someone be all three? Absolutely! I would call them fashion superwomen!

All about fashion!

I hope the differences are clear :D Where am I right now? I am more of a fashion blogger. I blog about personal style, colors, prints, patterns, small scale designers etc. I would not call myself a model per se, but I do collaborate with fashion photographers. Where do I want to be? In a few years, I want to start designing and have my own label :D 

But for now, let me blog away to glory!


Hand On The Hip

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